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Bible History Daily's Week in Review


Ancient Israel in Egypt and the Exodus

A brand new FREE BAS eBook considers texts and archaeological evidence from the second millennium B.C.E. that describe Israel in Egypt and the Exodus. Were the Israelites enslaved in Egypt? Was the Exodus a single event as described in the Bible?


EXODUS FROM MESOLOGHION (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A new study suggests that Tutankhamnun and other 18th-dynasty pharaohs may have suffered from temporal lobe epilepsy. Take a look at how epilepsy and sun-based seizures may have influenced the solar-based monotheism of Pharaoh Akhenaten.

Ancient Near Eastern Covenants

The BAS DVD set Dead Sea Scrolls, Bible and Covenants features 20 lectures by James H. Charlesworth and Henry W. R. Reitz. Find out how Biblical covenants reflect treaty language, and how ancient Israelites viewed their god.

Scroll Spotlight

Dead Sea Scroll scholars George W.E. Nickelsburg, Magen Broshi and Brian Schultz provide an overview of the significance of three treasures from Qumran. Take a look at the “Book of Enoch,” “Temple Scroll” and “War Scroll.”

Free Video Lectures for BAS Library Members

BAS Library members have free access to 18 full video lectures and interviews with top scholars including Michael D. Coogan, Sidnie White Crawford, Bruce Routledge, James F. Strange and other esteemed Biblical and archaeological scholars.


A “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” on a Coptic Papyrus

The Biblical archaeology world has been abuzz with discussion over the discovery of a fourth-century C.E. Coptic papyrus including the words “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife …’”

World’s Great Libraries Go Digital

The Bodleian Libraries recently announced a new collaborative project to digitize 1.5 million pages of texts from their collections and make them freely available online.


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Write a caption for this cartoon (see Genesis 44). The deadline for mailed entries is September 30. The author of the winning caption will receive a BAS T-shirt, a BAS tote bag and three gift subscriptions to give BAR to friends. Runners-up will receive a BAS T-shirt and two gift subscriptions.

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An Archaeological Search for Jesus

An Archaeological Search for Jesus

This five-part documentary takes viewers from Galilee to Jerusalem. Featuring interviews with eminent scholars, this documentary focuses on the archaeological evidence of the first-century world in which Jesus lived. Learn more »


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