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Bible History Daily's Week in Review

September 29, 2012

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Should Israel Return the Tablets of the Law?

BAR editor Hershel Shanks presents a hypothetical case to examine cultural heritage law: If the Tablets of the Law were discovered in territory under the sovereignty of Egypt, would Egypt or Israel have claim to ownership?

In Search of Christian Origins

In ten thought-provoking lectures, Biblical scholar James Charlesworth answers two important questions: How did the Jesus movement develop within the highly factionalized world of Second Temple Judaism? And how did this obscure sect spread so widely?

The Only Ancient Male Jewish Hair

Dr. James Tabor discusses improbable archaeological discoveries, scientific tests on material culture and a rare specimen from the “Tomb of the Shroud” in an engaging examination shared from his Taborblog.


New Evidence of Neolithic Dentistry

Traces of beeswax were discovered in a 6,500 year-old left canine crown in a cave in Slovenia in what appears to be the first therapeutic dental filling.

Daskyleion Inscriptions Reveal Phrygian and Lydian Populations

The discovery of Phrygian and Lydian texts from Daskyleion in northwest Turkey reveals that this regional Persian capital was more cosmopolitan than previously believed.

Ancient Synagogue Discovered in Southern Turkey

Archaeologists excavating at the ancient city of Limyra in southern Turkey recently uncovered the remains of an ancient synagogue, complete with a bath and menorah.


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