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View on the agora : columns alonn the western ...
View on the agora : columns alonn the western stoa; ; Izmir, Turkey (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bible History Daily's Week in Review

November 3, 2012


Authentic or Forged? What to Do When Experts Disagree

In the November/December 2012 issue of BAR, editor Hershel Shanks discusses the Jehoash Inscription. He asks: “What do you do when expert philologists say it is a forgery and expert geologists say it is authentic—especially when you are neither?”

Who Really Wrote the Bible?

In this BAS Lecture Series DVD, you will join prominent Biblical scholars as they each tackle the contentious issues of Biblical authorship and, in the process, provide startling revelations about how and when the Bible was written.

Unearthing Mummies

British Egyptologist Amelia Edwards (1831–1892), co-founder of the Egypt Exploration Society, unexpectedly uncovered a sanctuary at Abu Simbel. Read her account of the discovery in the Bible History Daily Halloween feature.

Biblical Bad Boys

How does the Bible portray its villains? In a new BAS DVD, eminent scholars explore evidence of some not-so-nice Biblical figures: from a ruthless Assyrian king to a confused Judean governor, and from Roman executioners to a betraying friend.

Seminar on Biblical Archaeology

Spend three days in sunny Orlando at a stimulating seminar this January. Learn about new theories and discuss Biblical controversies alongside interactive presentations by Drs. Andrea M. Berlin, Theodore J. Lewis and Andrew G. Vaughn.


Elegant Mosaics Discovered in Izmir

Wall of the castle built by Lysimachos about 3...

Wall of the castle built by Lysimachos about 300 BC; Kadifekale (Izmir, Turkey); built in the period of Alexander the Great (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Archaeologists have uncovered a stunning collection of 1,700-year-old mosaics in a late Roman or Byzantine villa complex in Izmir, Turkey.

Jordanian Inscriptions Indicate Local Christian Military Population

Excavations at ‘Ayn Gharandal in southern Jordan have uncovered a late Roman/early Byzantine complex featuring local Nabatean names and Christian symbols.

Exposing Petra’s North Ridge

North Carolina State and East Carolina University excavations at Petra’s north ridge highlight Petra’s non-elite populations through discoveries in shaft tombs, domestic structures and the city walls.

The Oldest Town in Europe

Bulgarian archaeologists working near Provadia announced the discovery of a fifth-millennium B.C.E. salt-mining community at a site they describe as Europe’s oldest town.


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