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Preserving Ephesus

Preserving Ephesus
Noah Wiener


The Library of Cel­sus is one of the many mon­u­men­tal struc­tures pre­served from the Roman-era Eph­esus.

The ancient city of Eph­esus is a stun­ning site. Locat­ed next to mod­ern Selçuk on the west coast of Turkey, Eph­esus was one of the largest cities of the Roman world. Paul lived and wrote in the early Chris­t­ian cen­ter, and today the site is fre­quent­ly vis­it­ed for its spec­tac­u­lar­ly pre­served remains, which include the Library of Cel­sus, the Basil­i­ca of St. John, an exten­sive Roman city and the Tem­ple of Artemis, one of the seven won­ders of the world.

In its Novem­ber meet­ing, the Selçuk Munic­i­pal­i­ty Assem­bly approved a recon­struc­tion and pro­tec­tion plan for the site, aid­ing tourist access with new entrance gates and walk­ing lanes, as well as preser­va­tion efforts, includ­ing work on the Basil­i­ca of St. John, Jus­tin­ian I’s 6th-century con­struc­tion over the pos­si­ble bur­ial site of John the Apos­tle. The recon­struc­tion plans will be put in place along­side the “Eph­esus Reunion with the Sea” project, a Turk­ish effort to recre­ate the Eph­esian har­bor to allow tourists to reach the site by boat from the Aegean.

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