466px-Snodgrass_Gryllus_assimilisOne question lead to another, and before you knew it, here was another article for the Ginger Jar. This is one of those questions you never quite formed in your head, or even had the notion to ask your mother. So, here it is.

Crickets are omnivores and scavengers feeding on organic materials, as well as decaying plant material, fungi, and seedling plants.

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  1. Jan 23, 2009 … 40 000 crickets eat a whole head of lettuce in less than one hour. We speed it up to … why, why do you have 40k crickets?! lizard food farm?
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  5. Crickets, family Gryllidae (also known as true crickets), are insects somewhat related to grasshoppers, and more closely related to katydids or bush crickets (family Tettigoniidae) and Weta (families Anostostomatidae and Rhaphidophoridae). They have somewhat flattened bodies and long antennae. There are more than 900 species of crickets. They tend to be nocturnal and are often confused with grasshoppers because they have a similar body structure including jumping hind legs. Crickets are not harmfu… Read More »
  6. Cricket (insect)

What do Crickets Eat – Pestnet


Crickets are omnivorous, meaning they eat plants and meat. They are capable of causing a lot of damage to a yard or home because of the wide range of things …