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  • Buzz Aldrin, 85, is partnering with Florida Institute of Technology
  • The Buzz Aldrin Space Institute will open in The Fall and focus on Mars
  • Astronaut, the second man to walk on the Moon, has devised plan to get to the red planet using ‘cycling pathways’ and base on Mars’s moon Phobos

By Associated Press and Christopher Brennan For Dailymail.com

Published: 15:22 EST, 27 August 2015 | Updated: 21:00 EST, 27 August 2015

The second man to walk on the Moon is teaming up with Florida Institute of Technology to develop ‘a master plan’ for colonizing Mars within 25 years.

Buzz Aldrin, 85, took part in a signing ceremony Thursday at the university, which is located in Melbourne, less than an hour’s drive from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

The Buzz Aldrin Space Institute is set to open this fall at FIT.

Aldrin, who followed Neil Armstrong onto the moon’s surface on July 20, 1969, will serve as a research professor of aeronautics as well as a senior faculty adviser for the institute.

He is pushing for a Mars settlement by approximately 2040 after crafting a system of flights to take humans there in incremental steps.

Buzz Aldrin is opening an institute at Florida Institute of Technology this fall with hopes of colonizing Mars by 2040. Above, he is pictured with FIT President Dr Anthony Catanese and vice president Dwayne McCay

The second man to walk on the Moon hopes that humans will reach Mars by the 70th anniversary of his landing. Above, Aldrin (right) with Apollo 11 crew mates Neil Armstrong (left) and Michael Collins (center)

More specifically, he’s shooting for 2039, the 70th anniversary of his own Apollo 11 moon landing.

His current proposal for colonizing Mars involves a concept called ‘Cycling Pathways to Occupy Mars’ in which missions would be perpetually cycling between Earth and the red planet.

Aldrin’s long term plan for colonizing Mars would take intermediary steps, testing out bases on the Moon and stationing astronauts on Mars’s larger moon Phobos.

Unmanned ‘exploration modules’ would be sent to Mars as astronauts on Phobos readied for a move downwards to the surface by assembling a base with robots.

The ‘cycler’ ships would later bring more astronauts, replacing the Phobos crew as the moon’s first crew goes down to Mars.

Aldrin has pushed for Mars exploration, and developed a plan with a series of steps to the Moon and Mars’s moon Phobos. Above, he signs copies of his book about such an expedition in California this July

The astronaut has also pushed for the US to work more closely with countries such as China to create an international base on the Moon. Above left, Aldrin on the Moon in a photo taken by Armstrong

‘No giant leaps this time. More like a hop, skip and a jump,’ Aldrin said on his website of the plan.

‘I am proud of my time at NASA with the Gemini 12 and Apollo 11 programs but I hope to be remembered more for my contributions to the future,’ he said in a release from FIT.

In addition to advocating for Mars exploration, Aldrin’s work since his retirement from NASA has included his Share Space Foundation initiative to boost science literacy in children.

He has also written in TIME that the US should cooperate more with other space exploration programs such as the European Space Agency and China.

Aldrin says that the stations on the Moon should be international ventures.

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