As many of you may know, having lived and worked my entire life in San Bernardino, California, the events currently being broadcast all over the world are very much a personal concern. I have yet to view the names of those killed in yesterday’s massacre at Inland Regional Center. However, it is being reported that most of those killed were staff that had reserved the conference room for a holiday event, were from the Department of Behavioral Health (DBH). DBH falls under the umbrella of the Department of Social Services, of which I was, until recently, a member.

With this in mind, I would like to request there be prayers said the the City of San Bernardino ~ as well as those who precipitated the attack.

The City of San Bernardino has suffered terribly these last few years, realing from bankruptcy, and staggering under the weight of poverty. San Bernardino does not deserve what has happened. But deep-seated anger, misunderstandings, unemployment, and no raises (for those that have work) in many a year, may all have had a part in what happened. For this reason I, as well as my former co-workers, are asking for prayer. Please pray for those struck down, those wounded and all the families involved, and all their co-workers and friends. But above all, pray for this poor city, that has struggled long and lone. Pray for the City, County, and State staff that serves  the poorest of the poor. Pray for the dead. Pray for the wounded. Pray for the families. And as the Lord Jesus Christ teaches us, pray for those that have made themselves our enemy. ~ Amen!