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Last night I felt a very bad migraine coming on. I usually take a Maxalt at bedtime, but that was a few hours away. I thought to bear with the pain until that time, so we began to make a very light dinner of French Onion Soup with shredded Jack Cheese, and saltine crackers. It was very welcome, as I wasn’t feeling very good. I didn’t think anymore about it until this morning. To my surprise, I realized I didn’t take my Maxalt last night. It was then I began to wonder about the healing properties of the humble onion. So, I began a search of the Internet. This is part of an article that I found:

(The) “Onion is known to be a miracle-cure for headache. Let the tears overflow through your eyes, anyway they were about to flow on account of the unbearable headache, and soon you will wonder where this headache has gone. The cost of the onion will not exceed the professional charges of the medical practitioner, whatever may be the market trend!” (Javier Fuller)

So, next time you feel a migraine coming on, you might want to select Campbell’s French Onion Soup rather than reaching for the Maxalt.

Have a great day!

Source: HealthGuide.org