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img_3180Looking at my son one morning, gazing at his cellphone, I was reminded of a term that was popular in my day: navel-gazing. Now, when I checked the Urban Dictionary, it gave me today’s definition, without mentioning its origin. So, I will add it here:



Engaging in self-absorbed behavior, often to the point of being narcissistic.

“If she would stop navel-gazing, she would realize the light had turned green.” 
#self-absorbed #narcissistic #not humble #snooty #selfish
by bryanr01 January 17, 2007

WORD ORIGIN: navel-gazing: During the 1960s and 1970s, yoga was becoming very popular in the United States, with young people. But all oldsters could see was youth wasting their time gazing at their navels, jabbing at one of the favorite meditational poses, the Lotus.